Big Data

Free and Open Source

From Apache foundation, it is a free and open-source solution.

Big Data

Simplified Deployment

Create clusters easily and integrate them with other private/public cloud.

Big Data

Best Replication Features

Ready for Multi-Data Center deployment. Create geo-replicated clusters for private and public cloud.

Big Data. Big Challenges

The size of databases has outgrown in the last few years beyond the capacity of traditional RDBMS used in the enterprises. Businesses are relying more on probability rather than possibility due to fast paced changes in the market. Cassandra makes your big data vision a reality. Power your mission critical applications with Cassandra. We at Camelot Integrated Solutions are helping client from various domains to realize their big data vision. We are transforming the clients applications from batch mode to real time mode with the power of Cassandra.

Get more value from your data in real time not in near time.

Our Cassandra consulting practice offers

Big Data


Design and development the solutions Cassandra, powerful BI tools, integration with other BI tools.

Big Data

Analytics and Search

Use Cassandra as one platform for both Analytics and Search by creating custom jobs.

Big Data


Simplify deployment, creating clusters and configure them for high availability and failover.

Big Data


We create jobs, automation, and applications for integrating Cassandra with enterprise systems to realize the value of data in real-time.

Big Data

Performance and Monitoring

Monitoring and tuning the performance of Cassandra and associated jobs. Monitoring security and availability of the systems and troubleshooting.

Big Data

Multi-Data Center

Create geo-replicated clusters, disaster recovery systems with Cassandra that spans more than one data center.

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Other Technologies

Google Big Query

Google BigQuery serves as a perfect datawarehouse solution for your out-grown OLAP service. In addition to database Google also provides options for storage of large files. 


Hadoop has positioned itself as the leading Big Data processing system. Backed by all major cloud hosting providers like Microsoft, Google and Amazon, Hadoop is becoming the default choice for building Big Data systems.