Mongo DB

Leading NoSQL Database.



Node.js derivative to build Web Application.



JS library to generate powerful client side views.

At Camelot Integrated Solutions we see the potential of open source software and are keen to deliver projects on open source technologies. Mean IO is one such platform that we see a huge potential in the web development area.

One language to code all tiers of the application.

The use of one language to code all the layers of the application is one of the beauties of the framework. The power of Mongo DB to support both structured and unstructured data makes is an obvious choice for this platform. The use of Angular JS gives a powerful presentation layer which can do lot of things on the client browser there by minimizing the load on the server tremendously. The Node.js framework on the server side provides advanced functionalities including the powerful push-to-client notifications.

Accelerate application development in Mean.IO with packages.

By being platform independent Mean.IO positions itself as a viable option for enterprises who are using both proprietary systems and open source systems. The light-weight clean JavaScript framework in Mean gives a top-notch performance and a very easy option to scale starting from Mongo DB in the backend to the web servers.

Productivity of developers is boosted in this platform because of the availability of packages that can be imported into the application framework easily. Packages available are free and cover functionalities ranging from simple validation to managing content in multiple languages and other functionalities.

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Other Technologies

Mobile Technology

Camelot Integrated Solutions provides mobile development services that include the development of a mobile application for enterprises using native API’s for each platform or developing universal solutions using technologies like PhoneGap, Xamarin, and other frameworks.


Camelot Integrated Solutions we offer full range of services to develop custom applications, maintain the applications, enhance the applications and offer production support to monitor and troubleshoot the applications 24/7.