NavTExT – Time

NavTExT – Time Overview

NavTExT – Time is an interactive, web-based application for real-time time collection and reporting. NavTExT – Time allows individual employees to record their time electronically and immediately edit their entries. It enables supervisors to review employees’ recorded time and to receive interim reports for specific projects and tasks.

NavTExT – Time is the complete time collection and reporting solution for both Commercial Businesses and Federal Contractors. Our highly configurable product can be implemented to conform to DCAA guidelines and enforces the stringent audit controls demanded by Federal contracts, or the less rigid requirements of the Commercial Sector. Whatever your needs or requirements, NavTExT – Time can greatly enhance your time collection & reporting accuracy.

NavTExT – Time

Usability & Training

  • Classic spreadsheet look & feel
  • Single point of data entry, no paging through multiple screens
  • Eliminates processing errors due to keying errors
  • Real time interactive editing
  • Easy to use online help system

Business Rules

  • Client Configurable
  • Configurable Time Period Entry
  • Time entry by individual or Proxy
  • Definition of pay types
  • Complete audit trail of all activities
  • Support DCAA audits

Data & User Management

  • All time & supporting information
  • Fully scalable
  • Prevents duplications
  • Comment fields to document entries
  • Automatic e-mail notification
  • Approval by manager or designated individual
  • Advance leave approval
  • Time recorded by Projects & Tasks (may be charged to COA Charge Numbers if Projects & Tasks are not used)
  • Time charged only to open Projects & Tasks

Technical Features

  • Fully web enabled
  • Accessible via any leading browser
  • No pre-loaded software of user’s PCs
  • Extensive Support during implementation
  • Password protection
  • Fully operational in 2-3 weeks
  • Bolt-on to Oracle Applications
  • Fully Compatible with Windows, UNIX, LinuxX, and MacIntosh OS
  • Utilizes Oracle DBMS, operating on Windows, UNIX or Linux

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