. Net Development



Single Platform

One platform to develop multiple application types makes Microsoft .NET a top choice for enterprises.


Design Patterns

Supports wide range of design patterns and use of open-source artifacts and packages from nuget to accelerate the development of applications.


Easy migration to cloud

Migrating .NET applications to cloud is relatively straight forward with the migration tools from Microsoft.

Custom Application Development

Every business has its own unique workflow, processes and automation hence the need for custom application development. At Camelot Integrated Solutions we offer full range of services to develop custom applications, maintain the applications, enhance the applications and offer production support to monitor and troubleshoot the applications 24/7.

Development, Maintenance and 24/7 Support

We at Camelot Integrated Solutions have delivered wide range of solutions on Microsoft .NET Platform. Our ability to identify unique solutions and application types for the requirement has impressed our clients a lot.

Our consultants can work onsite at your office or offsite at our office to design and develop applications for your business needs. We engage with the customer throughout the life cycle of the development. In addition to technical expertise we also provide our clients with knowledge of processes we follow in key areas like configuration management, knowledge management, defect prevention, sprint planning etc.

Our Custom Development Practice offers the following services



We develop variety of custom applications on Microsoft .NET platform ranging from Desktop to RIAs to Web and Cloud Applications.



We maintain and enhance your existing applications and offer production support and troubleshooting


Modernizing Legacy Apps

We are specialized in rewriting legacy apps to the latest version of .NET by using various design patterns and framework components.


Enterprise Architecture

We help clients plan, design and develop systems to create a greater alignment between IT systems and business workflow. We can help you translate your technical vision to tangible actions.


Program Management

We offer program management service for large scale projects with top notch talent for various roles like project managers, enterprise architect, developers, testers and support personnel.


Production Support

We offer world class support for your mission-critical applications and infrastructure. We provide a comprehensive set of services in our support department.

Other Technologies


At Camelot Integrated Solutions we see the potential of open-source software and are keen to deliver projects on open source technologies. Mean IO is one such platform that we see a huge potential in the web development area.

Mobile Technology

Camelot Integrated Solutions provides mobile development services that include the development of a mobile application for enterprises using native API’s for each platform or developing universal solutions using technologies like PhoneGap, Xamarin, and other frameworks.